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seo in 8 easy steps

We provide web optimization tools and resources on this website that aim to speed up your learning experience, and reduce confusion about things that might be completely new to you.

The knowledge gathered on webopt.info is particularly useful for small Canadian businesses, especially for small business websites in Nova Scotia.

Web Optimization Tools

To make things quick: what you need is a well-designed website with high-quality content, and as many relevant incoming links to your site as possible. If you are rushed, and can only do one thing, check out our list of free web directories, which will help you get your website name out there.

Free Web Directories

Submit your site URL to free web directories. There are so many of them on the web, but the problem is that they are sometimes hard to find. We have assembled a list of directories that directly link to the "submit URL" page of the directory to make it easy for you to click through the list and submit your information. There is a special section for Canada, as well as one for Nova Scotia.


A survey of the various shopping carts and payments processors on the internet, including costs (setup fees, monthly fees, commission fees), direct links to the signup page for any given service, and service descriptions. Our goal is to help individuals and small businesses find an e-commerce solution that is easy to set up and maintain, and as affordable as possible.

SEO Resources

This is your ultimate list of Search Engine Optimization resources. Study the entire line-up, and you might very well end up a SEO expert. Learn how to design search-engine friendly websites, promote your site effectively, make use of web stats, submit sitemaps, and more. You will also be able to improve your knowledge when it comes to keywords, a crucially important SEO concept.

Web Design Tools

Really, web design isn't all that difficult if you have got the right tools. Don't be intimidated by webmasters who claim only they can do the magic work. It is their duty to enable website owners to master their own websites, e.g. by creating a website that is easy to update and maintain. We list and describe resources such as free html templates, WYSIWYG editors, domain name registration, and web hosting.

Social Networking & Other Strategies

Social networking sites such as facebook and a myriad of others are free to use to promote your site. If you are new to this concept, think of it as being very social, and telling everyone you know about your new website. The audience you can reach with this tool is huge. Other strategies involving videos and maps are also explored.

IT Training at VCCAPS

If you need individual help, and personalized instruction, please do not for forget that the Victoria County CAP Sites Association (VCCAPS) is there for our community. VCCAPS offers training workshops that range from computer basics for seniors to advanced web design and web optimization. We also have a number of powerpoint training manuals available on our website, in the form of Easy Step Guides.

Video: 6 Common Mistakes E-Commerce Sites Make

Video Summary:

  1. Outdated design - giving a poor first impression
  2. Not having a unique page for each product
  3. Assuming you do not have to talk to users
  4. Hiding where you are and how to get a hold of you
  5. Not telling visitors the benefits of buying from you
  6. Ignore SEO basics