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Request Links

Now it's time to secure incoming links. The best of these are incoming one-way links, ie links that point to you without you linking back. However, two-way links (ie you linking back to them) are still a great benefit, and much easier to get.

Note that links from pages with a high PageRank (Google's way of identifying a page's relative importance) are much more beneficial than links from pages with low PageRank. Also note that links from relevant web pages, ie pages that relate to your page's topic, are more important than links from unrelated pages.

There are basically two things you can do:
a. Ask your friends who are webmasters to link to your site!
b. Find websites that are related to your site's topic, and request a link from them. Read the article below to learn what kind of request might be accepted, and what kind will almost certainly be ignored.

Article: "Why your link exchange request failed and what you can do instead"

n/a... Use your phone, email, whatever works!